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Everyone is Holding Special Themed Children Birthday Parties!

Birthdays! Who doesn’t love them? And as much as you love celebrating your birthdays, there is an added happiness when you celebrate your children’s birthdays. Sure, it comes each year and sure, maybe kids would not even understand or appreciate all that fuss over their birthdays. But hey, it’s one day to spoil your little ones silly and shower them with little gifts, cakes, candy floss and what have you not!

Seeing the bright eyes sparkle as they take in their favourite movie and cartoon characters being part of their birthday décor, gives parents such a warm and fuzzy feeling that they go through the crazy process of brainstorming, sourcing for a suitable venue, looking for party planners and all the other necessary madness that comes with organising a party.

No party is complete without a popular themed décor and a table full of desserts. Let’s check out some of the creative themes coupled with yummy dessert bars that’s sure to make you feel like throwing a party right away!


Superhero, Poof!

Now let’s be honest; who doesn’t love a superhero themed party? There are adults who go crazy over Batman, Ironman, X-Men (all the men but where are the women?!), so it’s no surprise when kids react the same way; multiplied by a hundred! Superman has indeed stood the test of time and we still hear about parties where Clark Kent’s alter ego is the main focus – apart from the birthday kid of course! Imagine a party where you have “super cookies” and children dressed in capes!


Cars, zoooooom!

Ever since Pixar produced the movie “Cars”, there has been plenty of merchandise related to the movie available in stores. This is also a popular theme amongst children, especially the boys.


Rainbow... oooh!

Colour themes just never goes out of style! Rainbows are a rare sight and when you add it to a children’s party, the colours makes it even flashier than it was meant to be. Plus, with colours the possibilities are endless – rainbow cookies? Sure. Rainbow cupcakes? Yes please!


Mickey & friends

Mickey and his pals have been around since we were kids. Well beyond that actually. His popularity has yet to decline and it comes as no shock when there are still parties with Mickey Mouse themes. This could be an interesting theme to play with. Imagine desserts shaped like a mouse or those famous Mickey ears. The colours are equally vibrant too with the red, yellow and black.



Would you want a party with a touch of class? Or are you holding your party at somewhere fancy? Then you could opt for a damask-themed party instead! With its intricate patterns, this option is suitable for both children and adults. Looking formal and dare I say, royal, this particular theme can even be used for sweet 16th or 21st birthday parties.


Madagascar, I like to move it, move it!

Yet another theme related to a movie! Apart from being a hit in theatres, this movie was also a huge hit with little kids. With this theme, the children’s party could take different turns. Maybe it could involve elements of the jungle or sandy beaches. Don’t forget to get the animals involved too! Your child can be dressed in a safari ranger’s costume or be part of the animal kingdom with a cute animal onesie. Adorable indeed!

We’ve only scratched the surface with these 6 party themes. There are loads more of creative ideas on how you can make your child’s special day even more spectacular. After all the fun is over, you’ll have a lifetime and a photo album of memories!

Let us know your favourite party and dessert table themes or other unique ideas on throwing a party. Let’s get this party started!


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