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Just What and Why is Everyone Colouring?

Is it me or has there been a recent increase in colouring books in bookstores? Your social media accounts might have colourful photographs of people sharing their colouring skills and the various books catered to this purpose.

What was once thought to be just for kids is now popular among adults as well. But before you buy that set of colouring pencils and colouring book filled with whimsical images, let’s dig in a bit more about the benefits of this fun activity!


Improves motor skills

Motor skills refers to the acts of movements such as walking, picking up objects, feeling them, etc. Holding a pencil and using it to colour is a type of fine motor skill. When your child learns to grip a pencil and starts colouring, his fine motor skills improve, leading to writing better and the ability to handle small objects.


Improves self-esteem

When your child gets involved in colouring, he has the liberty to choose the image, the colours he wants to use and the way he wants to colour. Creating their own masterpiece boosts their self-confidence especially when you praise them for their art when they present it to you. An encouraging word goes a long way and improves their emotional wellbeing, so let your child know what a wonderful job they’ve done!


Improves focus

I’m sure we can agree that colouring a picture can take some time. More so when your child does it carefully so that he doesn’t colour beyond the lines of the image. When he sits for half an hour colouring patiently, it builds on his ability to focus. This trait will be of help in his later years, when it comes to doing his school work, helping around in the house or learning a sport or musical instrument.



Even children are prone to stress these days. Colouring provides a break from such stresses. When a child channels his energy and focus into this activity, his mind calms down. It also provides an outlet for him to release and process his emotions.


Stimulates creativity

Maybe your child colours the sky green. Maybe the trees are blue. Maybe she decides to draw candies hanging from the tree! Watch the creative process of your child and be amazed at how she interprets the pictures through the various colours. Let her think out of the box as she manipulates the colours and adds on drawings of her own!

Reader-submitted works on Basford's website, clockwise from top: Sophie, Mariana, Anna Nights, Elisa, Prue, Ty Segurado


Colour awareness

What better way to teach your children about colours than a hands-on approach like colouring? As they pick up the colour pencils, you can ask them to name the colours, group similar colours together and perhaps even get them to mix two different colours and see the outcome! The possibilities are endless.

The often overlooked activity of colouring provides a safe and fun environment for kids to spend their time on. With such advantages, doesn’t it seem like a better choice of activity than to simply play games or watch videos on the iPad?

Do your children love colouring? Share with us on how it has benefitted them!

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