Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday

When we think about celebrating children’s birthday, throwing a party is definitely the first idea that comes into our mind. No doubt throwing a party brings fun and is memorable for your child, the elaborated affair may raise your child’s expectations year by year and encourages materialism which is definitely not what we want our children to be when they grow up!

Why do we celebrate birthdays? Well, every birthday marks a milestone especially for our little ones. We celebrate the growing up process of the child over the last one year, celebrating your child’s new ability to walk at 1, ability of speech at 2 and on. At the same time, we give thanks for having a healthy and intelligent child.

Instead of throwing a party, why not put that financial resource into more meaning ways to celebrate this special day?

Give a donation in your child’s name

While we celebrate a successful 1 year of your child’s life, let’s not forget the less fortunate. Share your family’s joy with the less fortunate children by donating!

Singapore Children’s Society reaches out to children, youth and families in need in Singapore. Online donations are accepted at

Make your donation on Singapore Children's Society

Make your donation on Singapore Children’s Society

Child’s Dream is a NGO supporting communities in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand with focus on children education and health. Read more at Online donations accepted too.

Note down these donations that you make on behalf of your child every year and share with them. Grow the philanthropist in them.

Get a family photoshoot


Mark your child’s progress with an annual photoshoot. It does not need to be in an elaborated setting with a hefty price. If you have a tight budget to work within, simply get help from an extended family member or a friend to help with the photo taking. Enjoy quality family bonding time while capturing the natural shots of your precious little one.

Just imagine, creating a photo album of these shots taken over the years. That will be a meaningful memory gift you can give to your child when he/she grows up.

Do something new and adventurous

Challenge your child to try a new activity. Children tend to be curious yet have reservations towards trying new things. Take your child to try something new. Such experience builds confidence and nurtures an openness to venture.

How about experiencing the thrill of skydiving at iFly? We have heard positive feedbacks from parents. Suitable for children aged 7 onwards.

Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir has a Kids Course designed for children aged 5 to 10. The course has 16 crossings and ends off with a zipline. You are allowed to accompany your children on the course.

Have some educational fun

If you still cannot convince yourself to give that party idea is miss, consider giving a child a day of educational fun.

If your little one has an interest in cooking, how about giving him/her a chance to spend a day in a fully equipped kitchen and experience being a master chef pottering with dough, modeling various figures, or painting funny little faces on pizza with tomatoes, sausage and olives? Studio CulinaryOn can design unique experience for your child in the kitchen. Under the supervision of professional chefs, they can whip out something delicious for you from a list of 300 dishes!


About CulinaryOn

Happy children’s laugh, exciting culinary experience together with excellent chefs, appetizing dishes – these are all the attributes of an amazing kids party in CULINARYON. It will be a really bright and cheerful birthday party for your kid and all the guests – attentive СULINARYON team will take care about all the details and trifles. Just put on apron and be ready to enjoy!

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