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If You Knew This Skill, Would You Have Chartered Your Life Differently?

One STRONG reason why your child should learn analytical thinking. Decision-making basically makes us who we are!


Why is Analytical Thinking Important?

From the clothing we wear, the friends we make, the jobs we choose and the marriage partners we devote to all stems from decision-making. Being sufficiently analytical allows one to make good, informed decisions in many aspects of life. Who we are now is a cumulative result of years of decision-making!

Children begin to make sense of their surroundings as they grow, and it is crucial for them to progressively engage in decision-making through problem-solving, test out good or bad ideas and build new understandings between them and their surroundings. These skills improve situational awareness, self-esteem and social skills, which will greatly influence their future perception of thinking as they progress in life.


What’s Analytical Thinking Skills by the way?

Analytical thinking is the ability to process and gather information, visualize and solve basic or complex problems. This type of thinking also requires you to compare sets of data from different sources; identify possible cause and effect patterns, and draw appropriate conclusions in order to arrive at appropriate solutions. It involves a methodical step-by-step approach to thinking as a form of management that allows you to break down complex problems into smaller manageable components. 


How does a child improve his/her analytical thinking skills?


“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”
― Aristotle


Analytical thinking skills can be improved with practice and repetition. Like muscle memory, the more you use it, the more conditioned it gets. In addition, exposure to how different people solve problems differently helps to expand our children’s mind, which is critical to form and recognise different perspectives. What most people often do not realize is that analytical skills can be taught in a classroom, using a carefully thought and proven methodology.

While analytical thinking may seem natural, they are not necessarily intuitive and does not come easily to many people, especially children. Our young ones need guidance and specific use of different techniques to get information in and out of the brain. With practice, analytical thinking in children can become second nature.


A child equipped with good analytical skills can look forward to improvements in day-to-day activities as well as academics. Since it influences the way we think, good analytical thinking skills lasts for a lifetime.


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Logicmills Academy prepares your child for life, enabling them to be adaptable as the world changes. We develop students’ intellectual, social and emotional skills and awareness, and in the process, influence their future perception of thinking as they progress in life. We use unique purposeful play through multiple activities to develop analytical thinking via experiential learning, enabling the thinking processes of reflection, evaluation and application to maximize your child’s potential. Experience what’s like to be in a Logicmills lesson in our upcoming holiday programme! Time to POWER UP!

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