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What Oils to Use for Your Child?

Picture credits to https://itchylittleworld.com/

In the last year, we saw an overwhelming demand for essential oils in Singapore to support its quest for a more natural and holistic approach to supporting physical immunity and emotional wellness.  The minute components of an essential oil has the ability to permeate through the skin during topical application, or inhalation through the nose or ingestion to effect changes and bring balance to the different systems in our bodies, like the limbic system, respiratory system, immunity system, circulatory system and many others.  Different essential oils with its differing smells and properties effect different changes in our bodies.

In this article, we have a full-time Mummy sharing her knowledge and application of oils on children. Hope it will be useful for all parents out there!


Hello, my name is Celine Heng. I am a full-time mom to my 9 year old boy, Isaac.  My journey with essential oils started 3 years ago when my son was constantly sick and was coughing so often that he had to be on the nebuliser frequently.  This prompted me to seek a more holistic and natural approach to support his immunity and respiratory system.  A friend helped me get started and I have not looked back since.  I did have my initial setbacks, as my husband and mother was sceptical and not as supportive.  However, they are now a total convert as they have seen the improvements and how the essential oils have helped supported Isaac’s overall health and wellness.


Say No to The Big F – Fever

Most moms dread the big F – fever, which comes as a package with flu, cough and runny nose.  We can help by using essential oils that are high in anti-viral properties to support and promote a robust immunity and respiratory system.


Good Sleep is Important!

With exams just round the corner, you may be wondering how you can help your child cope with the stress of preparing for the exams and staying motivated and focussed.  The first and foremost pre-requisite is having a good, relaxing sleep.  You can help your child to wind-down after a long day by diffusing or applying oils that promote restful, deep sleep:

Above essential oils are some great choices.  A well-rested child also means a happier and more co-operative and motivated child.


Smartness and Focus

With a ready mindset, we can now further encourage study smartness and focus during homework and study time.  An effective way is to diffuse or apply oils that support memory and a healthy, efficient neurological system.


Peace and Calming

Although most adults will go through some sort of stressful situations at one point of their lives, our little ones are not spared. The hustle and bustle of urban life in Singapore has taken its toll on even pre-school children.  Unfortunately, most young children are unable to articulate what they are feeling and it in turn, manifests into unco-operative behaviour, irregular sleep patterns and tantrums.

All these irregularities may compromise an otherwise, healthy immunity system. We can use essential oils to help us manage our little ones by helping them to stay grounded and calm with:


My personal favourite is Peace & Calming.  It helps me manage my own emotions especially after a long day and my patience is running thin!  I like applying the oil behind my ears, temples, the back of my shoulders and inhaling it deeply.  Another personal favourite is Deep Relief Roll-on which helps to loosen stiff shoulders and tension.  It’s a spot on to relax tired, overworked muscles especially after a day of housework or shopping!  :)


Choosing a Trusted & Credible Essential Oil Company

I chose Young Living Essential Oils as they have a history of 21 years in distillation and farming and a commitment to quality with its Seed to Seal guarantee.  You can read more about it here: http://www.seedtoseal.com/en

Young Living Essential Oils are pure and unadulterated so it is always important that the proper technique of using these oils are employed. Most importantly, you may wish to buy only from reliable sources like Independent Distributors to ensure authenticity and purity of oils.  A reliable and trusted distributor is able to help you navigate and help you start your oiling journey by advising usage techniques and giving you sufficient after sales support and education.


Using Essential Oils on Children

Always start slow and using less is really more.  Many young children have sensitive skins so it is important to dilute with a good carrier oil, like Young Living’s V6 which is odourless, helps absorbability, allow easy spread-ability and to make a strong oil safe and usable.  Remember to test a small area to see if you or child has any allergic reactions to any oils and start with 1 or 2 oils and build up progressively.  In this way, you can pinpoint which oil you or your child may be allergic to.

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