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OpenSchoolbag Mid Year Sale 2022

Event Details

Start: 27 May 2022, Friday, 10am

End: 5 June 2022 , Sunday, 11.59pm


  • Flat Shipping Fee $1.90

  • Special collections for customers to browse

  • Exclusive page for event

Products & Inventory

Before Sale: Please upload new products and  update your inventory count or out of stock items to avoid disappointment.

During Sale: Please update the product if out of stock.


All orders will be sent directly from respective locations. (Kindly note that there is no consolidation of orders for this sale.)

Please advise if you will include free normal mail.

All courier packages will be picked by up J&T Express. Courier will be booked in bulk, please alert us if there are any out of stock orders.

Can you opt out?

We hope to address your concerns. If you still decide not to join in the event, your products will be hidden during the sale and published after the sale has ended.

Confirmation of Participation

Please confirm with us via form below to confirm your participation in this sale.

Select Your Country