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Buku Latihan Pintar Bahasa Melayu Darjah 4


Berdasarkan Format Peperiksaan MOE Terkini 

Ringkasan Kandungan Buku Pintar Bahasa Melayu

Nota Tatabahasa
Dilengkapi dengan nota tatabahasa di awal bab komponen bagi membantu pelajar mengimbas kembali pelajaran dengan cepat sebelum atau semasa membuat latihan.

Senarai Peribahasa
Senarai peribahasa bagi setiap tahun pendidikan yang berdasarkan sukatan pelajaran terkini.

Latihan Topikal
Latihan-latihan topikal yang mengikut TOS peperiksaan sekolah nasional.

Model Kertas Ujian
Lima set model kertas ujian yang bercirikan TOS peperiksaan sekolah nasional.

Kunci Jawapan
Setiap latihan dilengkapi dengan kunci jawapan yang boleh didapatkan di akhir bahagian buku.

Isi Kandungan Darjah 4:
Bab 1 : Imbuhan
Bab 2 : Peribahasa
Bab 3 : Golongan Kata
Bab 4: Kefahaman Objektif
Bab 5 : Frasa
Bab 6 : Rangsangan Grafik
Bab 7 : Kefahaman Subjektif
Bab 8 : Model Kertas Peperiksaan
Kunci Jawapan

Based on latest MOE Examination Format

Summary of Malay Book Smart Books:
Grammar Notes
Equipped with grammar notes at the beginning of the component chapters to help students recheck the lesson quickly before or during the training.

List of Proverbs
List of proverbs for each year of education based on the latest syllabus.

Topical Exercises
Topical exercises that follow the national school's TOS exam.

Model Paper Testing
Five sets of test paper models characterized by the national school's TOS exam.

Answer key
Each exercise is equipped with an answer key that can be obtained at the end of the book.

Chapter 1: Remuneration
Chapter 2: Proverbs
Chapter 3: Word Classes
Chapter 4: Objective Understanding
Chapter 5: Phrases
Chapter 6: Graphic Stimulation
Chapter 7: Subjective Understanding
Chapter 8: Model Papers Exam
Answer key
No. of Pages -
Author - Wan Ahmad Wan (BA Hons), Nur Atiqah MD Haizan (MA, BA Hons), Idris Ahmad (BA Hons)
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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