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More Idioms in Action 3


More Idioms in Action presents another 180 new idioms as a follow-up to Idioms in Action. Each idiom is explained in plain everyday English and is presented in a set of cartoons with captions or dialogue to help learners use the idioms correctly in different contexts.

Idioms are fun to use and helps if they are fun to learn! The aim of this series of books is to help you remember valuable expressions by associating them with humorous little stories and images.

  • 60 idioms in each book
  • For each idiom, a short explanation of idiom's meanig is given, correct use is illustrated through example
  • Idioms are presented in everyday or humorous situation

Suitable for P4 - Sec2


ISBN: 9789814399418
Author: Stephen Curtis
No. of pages: 125

ISBN SCH 9789814399418
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