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Science Adventures Level 2 [Vol 5]


Science Adventures is a Science Comic magazine, published in 3 different levels & specially written for ages 7 to 12. 

It is the first Singapore Home-Grown science comic that brings Science Alive

The magazine features articles on different fields of science which includes Biology, Physics & more. 

Colourful illustrations and stories are told in language that is exciting and correct, making it appropriate for your children at different levels. It's accurate, useful and conforms to the school syllabus. 

  • Starter: ages 3 to 6
  • Level 1: ages 6 - 8 [P1- P3]
  • Level 2: ages 8 - 10 [P2 - P4]
  • Level 3: ages  11 -12 [P5 & P6]

Suitable for: Ages 8-10
Number of issues: 10 
All issues sent together in box set. Price includes free local delivery.

ISBN SciAdv_L2_Vol5
No. of Pages -
No. of Issues 10
Brand -