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Science4You Chemistry



All children can become science geniuses and be a fun scientist! Science4You is an innovative company that develops, produces and commercializes award-winning educational and scientific toys. The collections of Science4You are made in Europe.

Science4You, for ages 5 and above, allow children to unveil the mysteries of science. Help them conduct their own fun, hands-on and interactive series of experiments on topics such as volcanoes, making perfume, soap, shampoo and many more! Science4You is definitely for SCIENCE ENTHUSIASTS!


What you will learn:

What chemestry is
- What density and surface tension are
- What pH, acid and bases are
- How to write secret messages and how to erupt your own volcano using chemical reactions


Comes in 3 sizes:

Suitable for Age8+8+8+
Number of Experiments2580155
Educational Book Pages363636

ISBN Sci4you_Chemistry
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