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I Love Reading Collection 3 我爱阅读系列 3


Four Books Bundle with 16 stories 一个系列4本书16个故事

Specially written and illustrated for Singapore primary students. 专为新加坡小学生编写的绘本。

我爱生活3 I Love Life 3
<谁是敌人?> <鞋里有个怪东西> <字典大王> <吵架的刀叉和筷子>
哪个敌人阻拦智胜取得成功?文文偷偷在老伯的鞋里放了什么?字典大王真的什么字都知道?糟糕,刀叉和筷子打起来了!学习谦虚,做个有爱心和判断力的人。Who prevents Zhisheng from achieving success? What does Wenwen put in the old man’s shoes? Does the dictionary really know every word? Oh no, the fork and chopsticks are fighting! Remember: be humble and compassionate, and exercise good judgement. 

我爱动物3 I Love Animals 3
<九色鹿> <调皮的小鱼儿> <老鼠嫁女> <熊婆婆和它的树>
九色鹿被士兵围捕了,怎么办?不听话又贪吃的小鱼儿遇到了什么危险?鼠妹妹竟然嫁给天敌?小树苗如何守护熊婆婆度过四季?学习守诺报恩,紧记师长劝告。What will the Nine-coloured Deer do when it is cornered? What fate awaits the greedy little fish? Sister Mouse marries a cat. A tree seedling protects Granny Bear through the four seasons. These stories reminds children to keep their promises, be grateful, and follow their parents’ advice!

我爱古人3 I Love Legends 3
<张良捡鞋> <晏子舌战楚王> <徐文长智取礼物> <包公审石头>
神秘老伯为何总叫张良捡鞋子?晏子出使楚国,得从狗洞进城?徐文长怎么取下挂得高高的礼物?包大人审问的嫌犯竟是一块石头?学习四位中国古代名人的智慧,活用知识化解困境!A mysterious old man makes Zhang Liang retrieve his shoe. Yanzi, envoy to the Kingdom of Chu, has to enter through a side door? Can Xu Wenchang retrieve his prize, suspended high? Justice Bao interrogates the suspect, a rock! Learn from the wisdom of famous characters from ancient China!

我爱经典3 I Love Classics 3
<渔夫和金鱼的故事> <种梨> <空城计> <快乐王子>
世上竟有一条可实现愿望的金鱼?梨树一眨眼就长大了?在城门上弹琴可吓跑敌军?快乐王子为什么愁眉不展?源自俄罗斯、中国、爱尔兰的经典故事,提醒大家:知足常乐,助人为乐。A goldfish granting wishes? A pear tree growing instantly? Scaring enemies away by playing the zither atop the city gate? Why was the Happy Prince unhappy? Classic stories from Russia, China and Ireland that reminds children to be appreciative and share what we have.

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