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Intensive Exercises For Primary Six (6A/B) 6A/B 欢乐伙伴每课一练强化练习


Intensive Exercises For Primary Six (6A/B)

6A/B 欢乐伙伴每课一练强化练习

The Intensive Exercises Series is based on the latest Primary School Chinese Curriculum Textbook. Each exericise complements textbook curriculum topical content, and the exercises are presented in an interactive manner to enhance and stimulate effective learning. The content of the practice seeks reference to the latest news, discussion pointers, advertisements, and interesting stories to create a comprehensive resource for language learning. This assessment book includes 10 topical exercises, and 2 Semesteral Assessment revision papers for SA1 and SA2. All exercises are accompanied by key model answers for students' learning.




本练习可作为每教完一课即进行练习,也可作为测验或考试前温习之用。 本练习附有参考答案,方便老师或家长批改。

ISBN - 9789810956073

No of Pages - 124

ISBN - 9789810956073
No. of Pages - 124
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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