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New Problem-Solving Processes in Mathematics P1


New Problem-Solving Processes in Mathematics provides comprehensive practices in routine and challenging word problems.

Pupils are exposed to the various essential types of problem-solving heuristics identified in the routine practices as HPS (Heuristics Problem Solving) in each topic. The guided examples employ the 4-step problem solving approach to give pupils a framework or structure in tackling word problems.

  1. Understanding the Problem
    A series of specific questions are posed to foster understanding of the word problem. These questions help pupils gather and process information.
  2. Devising a Plan
    A method to solve the word problem is suggested. Some examples of methods used in this series include bar model drawing, listing, working backwards, restating the problem, solving part of the problem, substitution, making assumption or supposition, and guess-and-check.

  3. Carrying Out the Plan
    Pupils will perform appropriate operations to obtain the answer.

  4. Looking Back
    It is necessary for pupils to check their work. One suggested way is to work backward and see if they obtain the numbers given in the question. Local reasoning is also employed to check the reasonableness of their answers.

Challenging practice questions are indicated with *. Full worked solutions included.

ISBN:  9789813127104

ISBN 9789813127104
No. of Pages 234
Author Nathan Yap
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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