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P3-6. Problem Sums Guidebook Volume 1 & 2 (Quick Starter Kit)


Are you a P5/6 and you are still finding P5/6 problem sums tough?

Want an easier start to master the 11 must-know P3-6 problem sums at your fingertips so you don’t get overwhelmed? 

Here’s what you get in your Quick Start Kit.

  • Volume 1 covers the 11 must-know level one problem sums types that all P5s must know by Term 1. (Students started to learn some of these concepts since P3 and all these concepts will be tested till your child is in P6.)
  • Volume 2 covers the level 2 problem sums types that P5/6s will eventually see in their exam papers as they get tougher.

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Author John Yeo
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