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P5. 51 Must Know Problem Sums (Volume 3 out of 3)


Here is the 3rd Important Group of 51 Must-know problem sums types for your P5 child SA2 Prep. Does your child know all of these before sitting for his SA2 exam? Help him to master all these 51 problem sums now.

How is this P5 51 Sums Vol 3 different from Vol 1 and 2?

This is for P5 SA2 Prep – “51 Must-Know Problem Sums (Vol 3)“. (Must-Have 2nd Extension of P5 51 Sums)

That can help your child to spot problem sums. Would you want to know what problem sums will appear in your child’s SA 2 exam so you can prepare FIRST and be Ready for them by then?

This is also THE book which can help a P5 to bridge P5 and P6 problem sums so he can learn to better cope with P6 always-changing-always-getting-tougher problem sums.

Why do we create this?

Do you feel that your child’s problem sums are getting tougher?

Do you feel that your child’s P5 exam papers are getting harder?

To help our students better prepare for their problem sums in their exams, this book is specially designed for them.

Our math team worked hard going through more top school papers and guess what we discovered.

We discovered THIS!

We discovered a pattern.

Yes! A pattern! (that 8 out of 10 students and parents don’t know at all)

There’s a pattern which most students won’t know.

In fact, there are 51 kinds of problem sums tested in the entire year of P5.

The good thing is we have recorded this third group of 51 must-know problem sums in this book.

Yes! 51 problem sums in this book 3. We want to make it really easy for your child to revise from a single source and eventually get the marks he deserves!

Here’s what you can see in this book!

2-Ifs (Same Total)
Equal After Change
Equal Fraction (2-times)

Guess And Check
More Than

Repeated Identity
Same One
Same Total

Working Backwards

No. of Pages -
Author John Yeo
No. of Issues -
Brand Learning Out Of The Box

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