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ABC Factory Fabric Hanging Chart



Match the softy to the right letter. Remember words better with removable softies! 

This handmade wall hanging piece consists of 26 pieces of softies that are attached with touch fastener at the back. The eye-catching pieces attracts children in learning and get them engaged. 




  • Bright colored fabric helps to stimulate the visual and touch sensory skills
  • Everything your child sees, hears and touch creates impression that easily absorbed in their memory
  • Develop your children fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination which help them in grasping pencil for writing & colouring
  • Encourage your child to hold objects and actively participate in the fun process



  • Recognise the 26 letters
  • Learn the first word starting with the letter using softy
  • Recognize the vowels and consonants
  • Learn to match the objects to alphabets (Eg; A-Apple, B-Banana, C-Carrot, D-Duck, E-Egg, F-Flower, G-Grapes, H-Heart, I-Igloo, J-Jug, K-Key, L-Lemon, M-Mushroom, N-Napkin, O-Orange, P-Pumpkin, Q-Queen, R-Rabbit, S-Strawberry, T-Tree, U-Umbrella, V-Van, W-Watermelon, X-Xylophone, Y-Yo-Yo, Z-Zip)
  • Play Quiz: What object starts with the letter M? (Mushroom)


  • How to spell “rabbit”?
  • What sound does it make?
  • What are the vowels in the word “umbrella”?
  • What are the consonants for the word “Apple”?
  • What other items start with the letter ‘M’? (Monkey)
  • Make a sentence with the word “egg”


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Note: You may wish to purchase the other designs together to enjoy one time $6 courier. Free courier for 3 pieces or more!

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