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Animal Family


Animal Family is an attractive, colourful, educational and cognitively enhancing jigsaw puzzle set targeted for children aged 2 and above. It is designed to stimulate and enhance a child’s deductive reasoning, logical thinking and fine motor skills.

Develop Thinking Skill with Animal Family

It is in the nature of a child to play. Through play, the child explores and learns the world around him or her. Children like to be active, run or crawl around the room and backyard, to touch and feel what attracts their attention. So let’s give them a toy that will combine the knowledge funds from passive picture books with the engaging game of puzzle and let them be amused and happy arranging and re-arranging the puzzle differently.

Let us introduce to you Animal Family. This attractive game set comes with 4 books with the increasing level of difficulty, and a square wooden compartment that nicely houses 7 pictorial thin wooden blocks. The puzzle also includes a sticker page where a parent or caregiver posts the rewarding sticker after the child has completed the puzzle successfully.

The blocks are geometrically shaped and decorated with the pictures of an elephant, fish, hen, dog, giraffe, worm and a hedgehog, printed on a vividly colored thin wooden block. The pictures mimic the real animals, so a child can easily identify the animals from the puzzle in the books, the zoo, television or natural environment.

There are multiple ways to solve this puzzle, which the child explores while it arranges and re-arranges the blocks within the square compartment. The accompanying books give puzzle patterns, which provide zero steps, hints, to the child to start solving the jigsaw.  After solving all the tasks from the four books, the child can even use his or her deductive logical reasoning skill to form his or her own patterns to fill up the square compartment space.

Why Should You Choose Animal Family?

  • Animal Family comes with European Standard (EN) Safety Certificate.
  • It is attractive, engaging and educational – the child learns names for 7 animals and enhances its cognitive capacitieswhile arranging the blocks in the jigsaw.
  • A gradually increasing, four levels of difficulty provide an opportunity for the child to continuously develop its cognitive capacities, deductive logical reasoning and fine motor skills.
  • Plethora of patterns for puzzle with zero steps in a free arrangement of the blocks in the square compartment challenge the child’s mind and thus stimulate imagination, logic and deductive reasoning skills.
  • Educational content and the sticker page promoting positive encouragement make it ideal to be used at home, childcare centers or kindergartens, either for individuals or in groups.
  • It makes a parent-child bonding (or teacher-pupil relation) a fun, inspiring and motivating experience.

Use Animal Family to encourage your child to develop his deductive logical reasoning skill.


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