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Board Threading


Board Threading is an educational children game set designed to develop hand-eye and brain coordination, support and stimulate the cognitive needs of a child aged 3 and above through the process of shape formation.

Shape up Your Child’s Cognition with Board Threading

Your 3 years old does not know that playing games helps him or her develop all the cognitive capacities and skills that form the part of mechanisms used to perform daily activities and tasks, but as an adult, you do. Therefore, the responsibility for choosing an adequate, educative, fun toy for your child to play with falls on you. Thankfully, we have something to offer.

Board Threading is a game set designed to enhance the cognitive capacities and build the hand-eye brain coordination skillsthat a child is expected to have and show. The set includes a wooden board with 7x7 holes, two differently colored peg sets, four different pairs of color strings and the accompanying guidebook with shape patterns.

Both boys and girls will love this game as it comes with plethora of patterns for different shapes from which a child can choose the one to its like. The child uses a wooden board as a background against which it pins pegs and threads the strings, thus creating a certain shape. The patterns vary in complexity, starting with the simple, which uses only pegs, over the intermediate one where the child uses strings to form a shape and ending with the advanced level where the child uses the combination of pegs and strings to form a shape.

What are the benefits of Board Threading game set?

  • It comes with the European Standard (EN) Safety Certificate.
  • It stimulates hand-eye coordination- eye directs the movement of the hands to target while children try to reproduce, which is critical to the development of the child, the pattern from the accompanying book onto the wooden board.
  • 7x7 holes in the wooden board build counting skill- while forming a shape and working with pegs and strings the child needs to count the holes in order to know where to put a peg or thread a string in the right hole.
  • It helps children make their motor skills more refined while they are working on combining the strings and pegs.
  • The threading and pinning aspect of the game hasten up the process of mastering daily routine practices such as tying shoelaces, and buttoning, unbuttoning the clothes and even enhancing and refining their writing skill. The earlier the child masters the skill, the better it is for the parents and especially for the child as it helps him or her to gain more independency.
  • It supports color recognition and color identification.
  • It stimulates child’s mind and engages it through shape-formation aided by the use of pegs and strings.
  • Once the child has gone through all the patterns from the guidebook, it can employ his or her own creativity and imagination to further develop its skills by making its own objects, e.g. a car, ship, bus, airplane, etc.

3 years old are still not old enough to be left alone, so a game such as Board Threading is a great way for parents and caregivers to provide nurture and nourishment and take part in their child’s education and development.  


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