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Brain Puzzle


Brain Puzzle is a puzzle set designed for children aged 4 and above with the aim to foster the development of analytical, logical thinking and reasoning, and problem solving skills.

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Think Ahead with Brain Puzzle

Brain Puzzle, a puzzle set designed for children aged 4 and above. The set consist of 6 thematic books with 11 puzzle patterns in each book and 4 different pieces of puzzle. The themes are as follow: red and yellow, lovely clothing, sun and dark clouds, it’s home, sweet homes and let’s count.

How does the child play with Brain Puzzle? The child is expected to solve the puzzles presented in each book by working on the connection of the pieces of puzzle to form 2 different groups of items. In case the child fails to solve the puzzle, there is an answer page provided at the end of each book, more precisely on the second last page while the very last page is actually the Competition Award Certificate awarded to the child upon successfully solving all the puzzle patterns from the book.

What does Brain Puzzle do for my child?

  • It fosters the child’s deductive reasoning and thinking skills by having the child analyze the puzzle pattern in the book before starting to make connections with the puzzle pieces.
  • It encourages the child to be self-driven and boosts the child’s self-confidence by having the child feel a sense of accomplishment upon solving the puzzle.
  • It builds up a good learning habit and positive attitude towards learning by increasing familiarity with books and by motivating the child to do more.
  • It teaches the child not to be afraid of the unknown and complex but too face it and try to solve it.
  • It helps the child develop analytical, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Let your child puzzle it out with Brain Puzzle.

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