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Braining Block


Braining Block is an engaging, educational game set designed for children aged 3 and above and consisting of 88 blocks to build a model with, following the instructions from the accompanying book and thus stimulating cognition and fine motor skills development.

Build Your Child’s Brain Capacity with Braining Block

The process of building starts the very first moment the child is born. It builds the world and reality around him or her, shape it and through that, sets the foundation on which he or she will further build up the knowledge and skills affecting his or her life outcomes.

We combine the process of building with playing in an engaging, educational “Braining Block” set designed for children aged 3 and above. It includes 88 blocks, which can be joined together to build the models offered in an accompanying instruction book. The expected outcomes of playing with Braining Block reflect themselves in the child’s increased ability to coordinate hand and eye, focus and concentrate on the given task or problem more easily, and overcome the obstacles that he or she may come across on his or her life path. In addition, the child practices reproduction, observation and analysis, and enriches his or her creativity and imagination.

The child is expected to build the model following the instructions from the accompanying book. The book varies in difficulty levels; it opens with level 1 at which the child is expected to build models such as light plane, airplane, and boat, and then with each succeeding level the difficulty increases only to reach its climax at level 4 at which the child is expected to build models such as sheep, flower, dinosaur, and etc. Finally, the book also offers step by step instruction which can be found at the last few pages of the instruction book. Once the child has accomplished all the tasks from the book, he or she can employ its own creativity to make the models of, for example, rocket, television, school bus and more.

How this game affects your child’s cognition and motor development?

  • It comes with the European Standard (EN) Safety Certificate.
  • By making the child use and combine various blocks and tuck them together in the model, Braining Block helps the childdevelop fine motor skills and hand-eye and brain coordination.
  • It allows the child to learn the hands-on experience, effortlessly through play, thus gaining the knowledge and building up the skills, which stay ingrained in your child’s mind for the rest of his or her life.
  • Through play, the child learns to overcome the obstacle easier, how to fight the fear of trying and failing, and how to make its work successful while building his or her self-confidence along the way.
  • It fosters the development of monitor and reproduction skills, both serving the child in good stead in his further development and growth.

All in all, Braining Block, whose level of difficulty is somewhat higher compared to Engineer Block, offer you the chance to have your child play with toys that will stimulate and motivate his or her development and equip it with the tools necessary to achieve positive life outcomes. 


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