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Brainstorm is an educative children game set aimed at developing deductive logical reasoning skill and stimulating cognitive development of children aged 2 to 12 and even adults by having them solve puzzles and arrange multi-color block in meaningful units.

Encourage Your Child’s Creativity and Engage his Mind with Brainstorm

Watching a child play is like witnessing a miracle right before your eyes. The research in the early childhood brain development shows that in early years secure and caring relationships represent the foundation for life outcomes. So, why not combine playing and learning, place them into the nurturing environment, and help the child explore, learn and achieve more. How? The answer is simple- find a right toy that will be engaging for both you and the child.

We offer you Brainstorm, a creative, educational and fun game targeted for the children aged 2 to 12, and even adults. Brainstorm is a puzzle game consisting of 15 multi-color blocks of assorted shapes. It is accompanied by the booklet that offers different 2-Dimension and 3-Dimension puzzle patterns and configurations. Brainstorm helps the child to develop deductive logical reasoning skill. The child gains success and achieve a sense of achievement after solving a puzzle. As a result, the child is self-driven of wanting to do more. Yes, we want the child to develop this good learning attitude.

How to play? Use the appropriate blocks to form the shape of the given pattern. For the first three 2-D puzzles, we have provided examples to arrange the blocks after which follow 10 different arrangement “problems” for player to solve. In addition to this, for the same game, we offer more than additional 50 other ways in which the child can engage his mind and employ his own creativity and deductive logical reasoning skill to solve the puzzle.

Why Should You Choose This Game?  

  • It comes with European Standard (EN) Safety Certificate.
  • It is fun for you and your child- more than 100 configurations can be formed for the puzzle.
  • It helps a child to think out of a box by offering more than 10 ways to form the same object shape printed on the page and thusencouraging logic, reasoning, space conceptualization, concentration, creativity, observation and problem solving skills. To illustrate, say the teacher in school tweak a usual question for the child to solve a mathematical problem. If the child is accustomed to using A method to solve the problem and does not know the method in question, he or she will fail to provide an answer. However, if the child’s mind is trained to approach the problem from the various perspectives and angles, and using different methods, chances he or she will be able to solve the problem successfully. This is what Brainstorm does for your child- trains him or her to truly think out of a box.
  • It helps a child develop self-discipline and makes chores such as tiding up after playing a game as Brainstorm is designed with the allocated space for the blocks. The child is expected to put the colorful blocks back to their matching place in the colored scheme.
  • A smooth progress from beginner over intermediate and advance to expert level helps the child gradually build up his or her self-confidence and thinking skill as a result of using the fun and interesting educational product.
  • It makes a parent-child bonding (or teacher-pupil relation) a fun, inspiring and motivating experience.
  • It offers you an insight into your child’s true talents, whether it is artistic, or is a math genie.

Brainstorm gives you an opportunity to participate and understand. Take it and be part of your child’s world.


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