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BrainTop is an educational game set designed for children aged 3 and above to help them develop and build up hand-eye brain coordination, matching, counting, differentiation and identification, observation, analytical and fine motor skills through play with the game cards containing the task for the child to solve.

Top Development with BrainTop

As parents, we do not like to miss any moment of our child’s growing up. In addition, we want only best for them, to be more and achieve more. BrainTop enables you to enjoy every second of your child’s improvement, while it plays and learns.

BrainTop, an educational game set, comes with 12 sets of cards, each containing 16 game cards with the answer on the back page, and the common board with 6 differently colored rounded knobs at the side. The knobs come in yellow, green, purple, red, blue and orange and each of them can be adjusted to these 6 colors. The 12 sets of cards are grouped according to the theme they share. The topics are: in the garden, a happy day, the zoo, let’s play games, Mr. Stupid, my pets, the funny party, foods, my baby, my sweet home, number games, on the streets.

How does the child use the BrainTop? Basically, the child is expected to solve the puzzle by giving an answer to the question. The child is offered six possible answers represented in 6 different colors, out of which it chooses one by turning the knob with the answer, i.e. color he or she thinks is right. After this, the child can check his or her answer by flipping the game card on its opposite side and see whether or not the colors match. The answer page also contains an additional simple puzzle for the child to solve and color.

Why choosing this game?

  • It comes with the European Standard (EN) Safety Certificate.
  • It stimulates and enhances hand-eye coordination, analytical, observation, fine motor and problem solving skills.
  • It is travel friendly – you can take a few cards and the common board to keep the child engaged and entertained while you are travelling or you are simply out of your home.
  • It engages the senses of sight and touch to assist the child in its critical period of early childhood development.  The child relies on these and the other senses to construct the reality and build and understanding of the world around itself.
  • It helps the child enrich its knowledge and build up its skills in math, matching, counting, differentiation and identification and spotting differences.
  • It hastens up, enhances and maximizes the acquisition and development of the fundamental skills and knowledge the child relies on in order to excel its capability, reach its potential and make learning achievements.

Finally, it enables you enjoy those invaluable, once- in- a-lifetime moments with your child. 


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