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Chalk & White Magnetic Board



2-in-1 Chalk and white board with magnetic surfaces. More than one child can use at time. Makes learning fun!


Key features:

  1. Magnetic on both sides
  2. Adjustable height of 85 – 150cm
  3. Holding shelf to keep all pens and magnets
  4. Can be folded to save space
  5. Made of solid wood, smooth and child-friendly


Board writing surface measures 61 cm by 62 cm, including frame is 64 cm by 64 cm


Includes the following:

  1. 1 Chalk holder
  2. Box of chalk (multi colour)
  3. 1 Duster
  4. 3 Markers
  5. 6 Magnets
  6. 4 Leg covers
  7. 1 set of Magnetic alphabets (block)
  8. 1 set of Magnetic alphabets
  9. 1 set of Magnetic numbers
  10. 1 set of Wooden Tangram


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