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Chinese Character Colourful Wooden Blocks 彩色汉字王


NEW with MORE Colours!

Learn chinese strokes the colourful way! Form over 1000 chinese words and get the pinyin right!


  • Using colours and activities to arouse interest in Chinese words 
  • Hands on practice to form words and develop motor skills and logical thinking 
    亲自动手拼写字词, 增强思维
  • Understand each word's character structure  
    掌握字体结构、词组组合, 了解半包围结构、全包围结构、上下结构、左右结构以及各种边旁部首
  • Better rememberance to Chinese words  
  • Expose child to more words and similar words 


 Each set comes with:

  1. 140 double-sided strokes  140片双面积木
  2. 26 pinyin letters + 4 pinyin tones  30个字母和声调
  3. 4 Common strokes frame 4个常见的边旁
  4. 1 Wooden Board Frame
  5. 1 Chinese Characers Manual

Each wooden block measures 3 cm by 3cm by 1.2cm. Round container box suitable for easy storage of all the blocks after play!

Different colours to represent different parts of a Chinese character. 

Suitable for:

  • for teaching or playing games.
  • Ages 3 onwards


Weight: 1.3kg
Dimensions: 18*18*25cm

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