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Convertible Bulldozer


Convertible Bulldozer is the ultimate large play mat for kids aged 3+ to read, play and pretend to drive a bulldozer!

Convertible Bulldozer can be used as a story book, large play mat and turned into a sit-in bulldozer toy. This multi-purpose convertible book engages young kids with its lively story and illustrations.

Features of Convertible Bulldozer:

• Read about a typical day on a building site with your child and find out how important a bulldozer is to transport things around.

• The illustrated story route allows kids to follow and interact with the story on the large play mat, designed like a building site, using their own toys.

• The fun, simple text encourages word recognition and early reading skills, and educates them about what builders do each day.

• The sit-in toy allows kids to pretend to get to work as a builder. Text along the story route: Builders have to clear away the mess to keep the building site tidy. The bulldozer pushes a load of earth out of the way to smooth out the lumpy, bumpy ground. Workers on the building site have to wear hard hats to protect their heads. Big machines have loud, roaring engines. Builders wear ear protectors when it gets too noisy.


Author: Carly Blake

Illustrator: Simon Abbott Panels: 7 Age: 3+

Dimensions: 345 x 345 mm when folded

Format: Board

ISBN: 9781782092025


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