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Engineer Block


Engineer Block is an educational game set designed for children aged 3 and above to improve their hand-eye and brain coordination, build up reproduction and fine motor skills, and increase their cognition capacity while building a model out of assorted blocks.

Engineering Development with Engineer Block

Your child will never forget to swim or ride a bike because it has learnt it through experience. So why not try the same approach with other areas of learning and development?  We want our children to get a meaningful, hands-on knowledge on which they could later rely on.

The result of this wish is Engineer Blocka creative, engaging and above all educational game set coming with 112 assorted blocks, including parts such as torque wrench, bolt, nut and others, and an accompanying instruction book. The game is designed and conceptualized to encourage and stimulate the cognitive and motor development of the children aged 3 and above.

So, how the child accomplishes that? The game comes down to child building a model out of the parts it has at its disposal. While doing so, the child follows the instructions from the accompanying book, which offer models grouped in 4 levels of difficulty. These smoothly progress from simple to more complex ones. It is suggested that before commencing to work on level 1 models, the child goes through the preparation part consisting of 30 pictures of geometrical shapes such as triangle, hexagon, house, goldfish and etc. in order to practice the basic hand-eye and brain coordination skill.

What is in there for you and your child?

  • It comes with European Standard (EN) Safety Certificate.
  • Engineer Blocks helps the child develop fine motor skills and improve hand-eye and brain coordination.
  • It supports hands-on learning which ensure that the child gains knowledge and skills that will remain ingrained in his mind for a long time.
  • It builds child’s self-confidence and instill a belief that there is always a way to overcome the obstacle.
  • The answer page helps the child enhance its monitor and self-reflection skills.
  • The set of step by step instructions shows the child how by combining the parts one can build a complex composite structure.
  • The gradual increase of the difficulty levels supports gradual development of skills through challenging a child to solve a problem that is a bit above his current level of capabilities. For example, at the first level the child makes models of seesaw and windmill, at the second compact car, dinosaur, turtle and etc., at the third ostrich, dragonfly, etc., and at the fourth duckling, motors tricycle, and etc.
  • It fosters the enhancement of the reproduction skill, which is one of the critical skills that a 3 years old is expected to adopt.
  • It enriches your child’s imagination and stimulates creativity by giving the child chance to build his or her own models of rocket, washing machine, school bus and more.
  • It can motivate interest into the engineering and mechanical sciences such as mechanics, electronics, civil engineering and architecture.

Many real life skills are not learnt, but picked up along the way while becoming an adult. Use Engineer Block to help your child develop the skills mentioned above effortlessly through play while having fun.


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