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Klein Manetico Medium 25pc Set


The KLEIN Manetico magnet system uses magnetic power to help little children learn about stacking blocks. Unlike the use of dimples found only in blocks for older kids, the Manetico magnet system is easier to take apart, but is still stable enough when fitted together. All thanks to excellent German engineering, KLEIN Manetico gives little ones a great way to start building things to play. Manetico is an award winner of Parents' Choice Foundation Award (Honors) and Petits Filous Best Toy Award.

Manetico Medium, 25pcs

Includes picture guide.

Age: 1+

Made in Germany

Recommendation from seller: "Klein's Manetico pieces are really made with young children's motor skills in mind. We have used them for our own children and after observation, we found the magnet blocks of Manetico very excellent for 1 ~ 3 year olds. Compared with standard 'dimple' systems like DUPLO(r), the magnets are easier to shift. The little children are able to 'shift' and explore, stimulating their sense of observation and recollection. We feel that standard dimple blocks are more akin to modelling material, but Manetico is that and visualisation. Our child was able to make small shifts of the pieces and made firstly a ship, and then a train, which he said the words. From such observations, we recommend Manetico. The magnets are precisely fused into the under section of the pieces. So far, we have not encountered detachments at all. Each time the pieces are shifted, a little 'tug' feeling can be sensed, where children and even grown-ups might find it therapeutic!"





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