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Memory Board


Memory Board is an interactive and educative game that can be played between a parent and a child, focusing along the way on increasing the memory capacity of children aged 2 through a set of memorizing exercises. It also comes with the linking memory activities that help a child master the technique of remembering things by creating a story line, a key skill for the child’s studies.

A Vivid Memory Board Childhood

A good memory skill helps a child retain the information he or she has learnt or experienced. Since we do not want children to forget the next day what they learnt today, we set our minds to find a fun, engaging way to enhance children’s memory capacity and let them still have a blast along the way. And guess what: we did.

Memory Board is a game aimed to help children aged 2 and above to increase their memory capacity, creativity, observation and concentration skills. The game set consists of a pack of 12 cards, double-sided pictures, a pair of magnetic boards and 2 pairs of magnetic sets, of which each includes 15 magnetic pictures.

In this game, both a parent and a child are active participants. The game starts with parent using the guided card No 1, which is easier one, and flashing it to the child for, say, 10 seconds. During this time, the child uses its memory skill to remember the location and orientation of the picture. Then, a parent or caregiver passes the magnetic board and the magnetic sets and waits for the child to recall the card he or she has seen and reproduce what he or she has remember on the magnetic board. After this, the parent and child compare the cue, i.e. the guided card, and the child’s answer.

The level of difficulty increases with every card that follows. The game can be played with the deck of guided cards or as a free combination, i.e. the parent can use his or her own imagination to form pictures on the magnetic board for the child to remember. If the child feels up to it, he or she can sometimes initiate switching the role with the parent. In this fun and interactive way, through playing with the Memory Board, not only will relationship with your child be stronger, but also the child’s memory skill will be greatly enhanced.

There are four ways of playing with the Memory Board:

  1. Memorizing location and orientation of the cards
  2. Taking a few pictures from the original number of pictures and asking the child to identify the missing pictures
  3. Adding a few pictures to the original set and asking the child to identify the added pictures
  4. Forming a story line, linking memory, on the pictures presented to the child in order to help the child memorize the position and even orientation of the pictures on the magnetic board. This technique of remembering information represents one of the skills that a child has to build up, as it proves extremely helpful for education from preschool to university. Studying always includes memorizing information in one way or another.

What Memory Board offers?

  • It comes with European Standard (EN) Safety Certificate.
  • It stimulates creativity and enhances linking memory capability.
  • Gradually increased difficulty of the guided card trains the child’s memory capacity.
  • Switching roles between the parent and the child creates interactive environment and establishes partnership between a child and the parent or caregiver, thus creating a nurturing atmosphere that stimulates enhancement of memory.
  • Four ways of playing help the child memorize information and develop techniques of memorizing the presented material efficiently, the skills which can help child during its study years and even work.

So use Memory Board to help your child retain a vivid memory of its early childhood days and equip him or her with the skills necessary to ensure positive life outcomes. 


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