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Quercetti Poli Cubi


Poli Cubi is made up of two different shapes, in many colours and without interlocking parts, that magically allow children to construct stable structures on a flat surface or vertically. The blocks are big and have a special “contoured” design, which make them easier for the child to grip, in any conditions, and also easier to connect and pile up. Poli Cubi are powerful instruments to help the child to develop the following skills: working with their hands, understanding spatial orientation, problem solving and shape recognition.

As the child grows, he or she will discover how these two simple shapes (made of high quality, highly resistant plastic) can be used to construct not only infinite figures from their imagination, but also three-dimensional cubes in different sizes, or they can be spread out on the ground like a wonderful mosaic. Basically, Poli Cubi will never cease to amaze, and above all, they will entertain children in different age-groups, with endless hours of safe fun.


  • 4 red Tricubes (L-Module)
  • 4 yellow Tricubes (L-Module)
  • 4 blue Tricubes (L-Module)
  • 3 white Tetracubes (T-Module)
  • 3 greenTetracubes (T-Module)
  • 1 black Tetracube (T-Module)

Made in Italy

ISBN 50.000.4015
No. of Pages -
No. of Issues -
Brand -

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