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Turning Block


Turning Block is an educational mind intriguing game set, consisting of 7 differently three-dimensional sized wooden blocks, a square wooden board, the accompanying “Magic Cube” guidebook and the compartment box, all designed to stimulate different brain modules, thus enhancing cognitive capacities of a child aged 3 and above thus encouraging healthy habit formation.

Turn Three with Turning Block

Congrats! Your little baby has turned three. But what 3 means? A 3 years old is supposed to know to name colors, understand idea of the same and different, handle small objects, build a form with 4 or more blocks and sort objects by shape and color. His or her imagination runs wilder than ever and he or she is blissfully happy soaking in an every little piece of information from its immediate surroundings.

A right toy should cater for all these skills and abilities, enhance their development, and, of course, be interesting for the child. We present to you Turning Block, an amusing game set designed to fit the cognitive needs of the 3 years old and older children as well as their curiosity and thirst for exploring through eye-hand and brain coordination.

By following the steps from the guidebook, the child is expected to build the cube out of the blocks. The child first follows the steps in the guidebook, using his mind to think and analyze, before proceeding to physically build the cube based on what it has understood from the guidebook. The number of steps decreases as the child progresses to a higher level, which stimulate the child to think harder and use its cognitive abilities to solve the puzzle. Through play, Turning Blocks helps the child to develop deductive logical reasoning and thinking skills.

After solving all the puzzles from the guidebook, the child can start from zero step, i.e. no guidebook, and employ his or her richimagination and thinking skill or rather challenge its mind to build different cube forms, i.e. to materialize his imagination in the cube. 

Why should you choose Turning Block?

  • It comes with European Standard (EN) Safety Certificate.
  • The arranging aspect of game caters for development of motor skills and eye-hand and brain coordination- the child handles small blocks, builds a form from them following the pattern given in the guidebook or the one that originated in his/her mind.
  • It builds self-confidence and intrinsic motivation. When the child manages to solve a puzzle, it gains a sense of confidence and is self-driven to do more. Yes, Turning Blocks can help the child develop this good learning trait.
  • Star Difficulty Program focuses on a gradual progress from basic (1 star), over intermediate (2 stars) and to advance level (3 stars) thus challenging the existing abilities of the child and stimulating his or her further development.
  • It encourages the child to practice self-discipline and tidiness from very young age – the child is encouraged to put the blocks back to their designated slots in the compartment box after finishing playing with it.
  • It provides a set of hints, whose number depends on the level difficulty, which help the child gradually achieve independence in problem solving and further develop his deductive logical reasoning and thinking skills.
  • It helps the child fully employ his or her logical reasoning and explore its riches through free, creative combination mode of playing by forming a cube in as many different ways he or she can think of starting from zero step.
  • The acquisition of knowledge occurs through hands-on learning, relying on play-based approach to early childhood development and education. The child learns most through hands-on experience. Once the child acquires a skill, it will remain ingrained in his mind for lifetime.
  • The models your child build reveal his or her true talents- through parent-child bonding you can get an insight into what your child is most interested in, shapes, color-matching etc., a knowledge which can later help you provide adequate support to your child professional orientation.

Turn 3 with Turning Block and witness all the amazing processes taking place in your child’s mind, from an eye-hand and brain coordination improvement to taking in all the other skills such as deductive reasoning and analytical thinking.


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