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Number Game


Number Game is an educational and teaching aid that foster the development of numeracy and math logical reasoning and analytical skills of children aged 4 and above while having fun playing the game. As a result, it helps the child develop the mathematical ability to solve number bond problems presented to him or her.

Count on Number Game

Math is not always kids’ most favorite subject. They say it is hard and boring but truth to be said, math can be fun and creative and it helps us translate the language of nature to the language of the machines. In the computer era and IT society, math skill is in the group of the essential skills that a child has to develop from the earliest age in order to be able to secure its position in the cultural and professional context of the future.

Number Game brings math back its shining armor. The child enhances its capacity for math logical reasoning as he or she employs it to solve the number bond problems. The set includes 12 magnetic number checkers, an accompanying booklet that comes with an attached magnetic board, game instructions and solutions.

In order to play the game, the child needs to have a basic concept of numbers and addition. The game comes with the examples on how to play the game. It also offers plenty of patterns progressing from easy to difficult level, which truly challenge the child’s mind to think through the number bond problems carefully. Though the solutions are provided in the accompanying booklet, it is strongly recommended to encourage children to think and try to solve the task using their logic and mathematical reasoning before referring to them. The child deductive logical reasoning skill can be greatly improved through the Number Game.

Why choosing the Number Game?

  • It comes with European Standard (EN) Safety Certificate.
  • It helps the child read and understand numbers.
  • The magnetic number checkers stick nicely on the magnetic board, and allow the child to change the number in any position easily while working on the problem.
  • It helps develop the child’s deductive logical reasoning and thinking skills.
  • As the level of difficulty increases, so is your child’s numeracy and problem solving skills.
  • It is also a great teaching aid for teachers and parents – the Number Game helps children grasp mathematical conceptsusing a play-based approach.
  • It stimulates the development of the math and numeracy skills from the early age in a challenging but fun manner.
  • Once the child develops the skills, you can be sure that his or her ability to solve any mathematical problem a lot easier and faster, which indirectly translates to shortening the time spend in completing the questions during examination. As a result, there is more time for checking before handling the paper, and more importantly ensure good grade for examination.
  • The play-based approach to the development of math skills removes and overcomes the stereotypes and fear of mathcommon to pupils and preschoolers, and positively affects children’s motivation for pursuing career in the field of mathematical sciences, IT, robotics and more.

Count on Number Game to increase your child’s numeracy, math and deductive logical reasoning skills.

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