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Visual Stimulus Cards


Did you know that the newborns can see a distance only 20 to 30 cm? They sight improves and develops as they grow and we are offering you a tool that can help you support their visual development – Visual Stimulus Cards.

Visual Stimulus Cards, weighs 1.8 kg, comes with the pack of 66 cards designed to respond to the visual needs of babies from 0 to 12 months i.e. to strengthen their eyesight and to stimulate their cognitive development. The dimensions of the cards are 25 x 25 cm. The prints on the cards show various silhouettes, colored spectrums and patterns. In addition to this, they also differ in their complexity; they range from those with the simple pattern to those with the more complex one. The design of the cards was modelled after the work of Dr. Glenn Doman.

How do you use the cards? The cards are designed to engage the child’s brain and stimulate the work of its brain cells. At the same time, the eye muscle responds to different stimuli in terms of colors, shapes, brightness, saturation and pattern.

How do you and your baby benefit from Visual Stimulus Cards?

  • The different complexity patterns ensure that the cards can be equally stimulating for 0 month old babies as for nearly 1 year old.
  • Variety in shapes, colors and patterns attract child and occupy its attention thus engaging both eye muscle and cognitive capacities.
  • The more variable the exposure is, the fitter eye muscle is.
  • The cards secure support to the gradual and smooth eyesight and cognitive development within the first year of the child’s life.


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