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Bilingual Encylopedia Cards


Bilingual Encyclopedia Cards c/w Encylopedia Matching Cards is a great teaching aid designed for children older than 6 months to help them enrich their knowledge and vocabulary and support them on their way to become bilingual in English and Chinese.

Exposure is the key factor affecting your child development. The greater and more variable the content a child is exposed to, the more advanced his or her cognitive development is.

To achieve that, we offer you Bilingual Encyclopedia Cards, a flashcard set consisting of 300 picture cards printed in both English and Chinese and 576 Matching Cards (7 cm x 4.5 cm) of which 288 cards printed in Chinese only and 288 cards are pictures. The prints on the cards are offered in Chinese and English, while the definition of the word is offered only in Chinese. The cards come with the vivid, fully colored printing on both sides with the glossy finish printed on a base with dimensions of 14 x 21cm.

The topics of the cards cover a set of categories including 10 titles, 30 animals, 10 birds, 10 bugs, 10 fishes, 20 fruits, 30 vegetables, 10 flower types, 10 types of balls, 10 musical influences, 20 car logos, 10 kitchen utensils, 10 food, 10 planets, 10 Chinese painting and 10 internationally famous art paintings. The set has been designed for babies and toddlers above 6 months and it weights 3.5 kg for the Bilingual Encyclopedia Cards and 0.6 kg for the Matching Cards.

How to use? One side of the card shows the picture, while the content describing the picture is printed on the other side of the card in both English and Chinese. You can use the same card to train your child to become the speaker of both languages.

What other benefits it offers?

  • The pictures stimulate the brain cells and engage the child’s mind.
  • The increased brightness and size of the cards (14 x 21cm) compensate for the shortsightedness of child’s developing eyesight.
  • It helps to increase your child general knowledge.
  • It helps the child enrich his or her vocabulary.
  • A great teaching aid for early childhood education programs and home-schooling.
  • The cards support holistic approach to child’s upbringing and all-round advancement
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