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Little Readers Level 3 - Mr Shapeman


The Little Reader Series is a time-tested reading programme that has helped many children, especially Asian children, to read in English. With 54 titles carefully graded in 6 contigious levels, this programme makes use of interesting phrases and sentences that roll off the tongue with the utmost ease to make reading an enjoyable experience.

Mrs Lorraine Lee, the author and designer of the programme, has a background in Early Childhood Education and Child Psychology and years of invaluable experience teaching children how to read.

This programme is a product of her rich knowledge and experience. With humorous and entertaining stories, graded and easy to use, the programme will prove a delight with children.

ISBN : 9789830053370

Level 3 is suitable for children ages 3 and above.  Click here to view full set of this series.  

Titles in Level 3:

  • Bubbles Everywhere
  • Fruit Salad
  • A Packet of Seeds
  • Elephants Never Forget
  • Baking a Cake
  • My Cat Cuddles
  • Colours Everywhere
  • A Very Wet Sunday
  • Mr Shapeman


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