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Comprehension for Reading Strategies - Primary 1


Reading Strategies is a primary level series of six books which aims to introduce a range of comprehension strategies for young learners. It includes a writing component to reinforce the skills discussed and to provide opportunities for creative expression.

Each of the 12 units focuses on a different reading strategy: finding the main idea; reading for details; using contextual clues; sequencing; comparing and contrasting; summarizing; predicting; making inferences; identifying cause and effect; differentiating between fact and opinion; drawing conclusions; identifying author’s purpose and point of view. A total of six Review units have also been included to provide integrated practice of the strategies being revised.

Each unit is based on a broad topical theme for the purpose of contextualizing the presentation and practice. The text types range from information reports and narratives to descriptive articles and functional texts. There is a Guide for Tutor/Parent accompanying the book in which brief notes detailing the various reading strategies and guidelines clarifying what students need to learn about each strategy are provided.

In addition, there is an outline of the different components of each unit which explains clearly the approach adopted in the book. It is hoped that Reading Strategies will continually engage the young learner in active learning and serve as an effective tool in the development of his or her reading skills.





ISBN : FBP 9810721602

ISBN FBP 9810721602
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