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Master the Art of Writing English Compositions - Primary 2


Pupils at this level need to know how to plan and write simple stories. This book therefore provides guidance in the form of pictures and helping words for each composition title.

The pictures help pupils to structure the sequence of events in a story, while the list of Helping Words will serve to spark off ideas.

There is also another list called New Words at the end of each composition which provides pupils with additional vocabulary that they can use and explanations of their meanings.

To aid them in their writing, pupils are encouraged to jot down points for each picture before they begin to write. They can do so by labelling each character in each picture, paying close attention to their feelings and actions.

This will thus ensure that their stories are well-planned and interesting to read. Continue reading and writing. Your perseverance will pay off!



ISBN : FBP 9810857691

ISBN FBP 9810857691
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