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学写好作文2 Learn to Write Exciting Compositions 2


Learn to Write Exciting Compositions 2 helps students tackle the composition format commonly tested in schools at Primary 2 

Commonly tested composition format: 
Writing at least 5 sentences based on a given picture 看图写话)

Using a structured approach, students learn how to develop a piece of coherent and interesting text:

Step 1: Practise essential sentence patterns

Step 2: Rearrange given sentences to form a coherent paragraph

Step 3: Learn to write a short paragraph (at least 5 sentences) based on a given picture, with the help of model compositions, writing templates and tips.

  • Based on the latest Chinese textbooks
  • Composition (看图写话) topics are arranged according to themes for ease of learning
  • Oral questions allow parents to engage with their children, helping them to analyse and understand the details of a picture
  • Model compositions are annotated to draw attention to particular writing features and structures

《学写好作文2》 有系统地帮助学生应付小二的作文题型:看图写话。




  • 根据最新小学课本编写
  • “看图写话”用主题分类的方式让学生更有效地练习写话
  • “说一说”通过会话让学生了解图的人物、事情和环境,帮助他们写作
  • 范文标出好词佳句、句式和其他使作文更生动的技巧供学生参考

ISBN: 978 981 11 5631 1

Target audience: Primary 2 students 

Specifications: A4

What you'll find in your peel-and-seal bag:

  • 组词成句: 12 pages
  • 排列句子: 12 pages
  • 看图写话 – 在家里: 4 topics x 4 pages each
  • 看图写话 – 学校: 4 topics x 4 pages each
  • 看图写话 – 出门: 4 topics x 4 pages each
  • 看图写话 – 庆祝: 4 topics x 4 pages each
  • Writing sheets
  • 答案: 8 pages

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