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快乐学汉字 2 kuai le xue han zi 2




  • ‘认识’提供部首作为独体字和偏旁时的写法。每个部首的古字都附有图片,让小朋友认识字的来源
  • ‘词汇’列出常用的词组、拼音和英文对照,帮助小朋友理解词汇的意思
  • ‘学写’包括笔顺,提供小朋友练习的机会
  • 结构示意图帮助小朋友认识偏旁在字里的大小与位置
  • ‘小贴士’进一步说明有关部首的意思和用法,供老师或家长参考
  • 根据最新小一华文课本编写

Based on the latest Primary 1 Chinese textbooks, this series of two books helps children learn to recognise and write basic Chinese characters through the introduction of 75 common radicals.  

Features of each unit:

  • 认识 - This section shows how the character looks like when it is used on its own and as a component. The ancient character/pictogram is provided to help children appreciate the origin of the character. 
  • 词汇 - Common phrases containing the character are given to demonstrate usage. Pinyin and English translation are provided to help children understand these phrases. 
  • 学写 - This section provides children with the opportunity to practise their writing. Stroke order and stroke count are provided. Where appropriate, pictograms are given, for reference, to show the position and size of the radical when it is used as a component. 
  • 小贴士 - Additional information on the radical and its usage are provided for parents and teachers.

ISBN: 978 981 09 5328 7

Number of pages: 80

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