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看图学量词1 (Learn Measure Words Through Pictures 1)



  •  插图帮助学生学习量词
  • 词组和例句附上拼音,方便学生阅读与理解
  • “小贴士”进一步说明量词的用法
  • 中英文解释帮助父母教导孩子
  • 练习帮助学生复习学过的量词




Learn Measure Words Through Pictures 1 helps students learn the measure words (量词) covered in the latest Primary 1A and 1B textbooks. 

  • Illustrations help students understand the usage of the measure words
  • Examples are accompanied by pinyin to help students read them
  • 小贴士” further explains the usage of the measure words
  • English translation aids parents in explaining the meaning of the measure words to their children
  • Exercises are provided to assess students' understanding of the measure words

Students learn the following measure words in this book:


ISBN: 978 981 11 2931 5

Number of pages: 28

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