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看图说话2 Read and Tell 2




  • 20个学生经常接触的生活和语文单元,如生活里的科技、水的重要、成语、量词等,让学生认识超过400个词汇
  • 词汇附上拼音和英文对照,方便学生理解。掌握了丰富的词汇,学生便能更流利地进行会话 
  • 大幅场景图、小图和照片,呈现真实情景,帮助学生学习词汇
  • 与单元相关的短文,让学生掌握如何使用词汇和丰富说话内容
  • 不同形式的问题,训练学生的会话及独立思考能力
  • CD 指导阅读技巧与正确的读音
  • 答案小册子

Read & Tell, a series of two books, helps pupils to improve their vocabulary and conversational skills using a thematic, pictorial approach. 

Read & Tell 2 provides:

  • 20 units of everyday and language-related topics, covering over 400 words and phrases
  • two reading passages for each unit to demonstrate usage of vocabulary items and expose pupils to different perspectives
  • a variety of oral questions to sharpen pupils' conversational and critical thinking skills
  • an audio CD, which serves as a pronunciation guide
  • an answer key insert

ISBN: 978 981 09 5054 5

Number of pages: 88

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