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DRJ P6 Composition Handbook [Revised]



Special Print !
(Best-selling since 2015)

Please take note that there are some binding imperfections. However, content print quality is not affected. 

Each book comprises:

  1. 20 Model compositions
  2. 2 story development strategies
  3. 2 story ideas for each picture set
  4. Positive topic compositions
  5. Sentence variety tips
  6. Alternative vocabulary for commonly used words
  7. Great beginnings and Endings
  8. Largest collection of ‘feelings’ phrases and sentences
  9. Narratives, personal recounts and introduction to descriptive essays

Latest Revision

  1. Updated the IPSER (intro, problem, solution, ending and reflection) technique
  2. Explaining the 4Ws and 1H technique taught by schools
  3. How to write a ‘positive topic’ compo, for e.g.: Being considerate (PSLE 2015)
  4. Shortcut for composition practice


"Hi Deepa, I am Hema. I have bought English p6 material from you in May. My daughter Neha used it and she found it very helpful. She got a* for English in mid year exams. Moreover, she got shortlisted for DSA SOTa literary art program and for the talent audition of the same also she found the material very very useful. Thank you very much " 

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ISBN DRJ 9789811123634
No. of Pages 106
Author Deepa C.
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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