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Encounters with Problem Solving - Making the Learning of Heuristics Fun


A fun way to learn mathematics and values! Encounters with Problem Solving is a storybook that serves to promote three main purposes.


  • It is for the reading pleasure of children. It takes them along a journey of solving non-routine mathematics problems through the lens of a schoolboy in the setting of a Singapore satire. The stories make the learning of heuristics fun and refreshing. •
  • It is for children to learn the reasoning processes that are necessary for problem solving, as they identify with the thought processes of the main characters in the story. •
  • Each chapter lets children reflect on developing positive values to become better persons.

A set of similar mathematical problems is included at the end of the book for children to work on as well.

Number of Pages: 110

ISBN: 9789814250924

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ISBN SP 9789814250924
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