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Learning Science Upper Block 5/6 [Cycles, Systems, Interactions, Energy]


LEARNING Science for Upper Block 5/6 covers all examinable themes and topics required in the latest school curriculum:


 Reproduction in Flowering and Non-flowering Plants
 Reproduction in Humans
 Characteristics Parents Pass on to Their Young
 Water and Its Three States
 The Water Cycle
 Precious Water

 The Plant Transport System
 Air and the Respiratory System
 The Circulatory System
 Cell – The Unit of Life
 The Electrical System
 Practical Use of Electricity INTERACTIONS
 Forces
 Factors of an Environment
 Living Together
 Food Chains and Food Webs
 Adaptations  Man’s Impact on the Environment

 Energy in Food
 Forms and Uses of Energy
 Sources of Energy

Systematic Learning
The questions in each topic are carefully structured to make clearer and consolidate science concepts. Real world examples are chosen to help students understand key concepts easily and effectively.

Extensive Range of Questions
The multiple-choice questions showcase the commonly tested questions that students should know. The structured questions test a student’s understanding and ability to apply scientific knowledge. Questions marked with a challenge students beyond the textbook. Students can use the Internet to find out more about the subject matter.

Learning Objectives and Comprehensive Answers
Learning objectives are indicated in the table of contents so students understand what they will accomplish. Answers are provided for fast and easy self-assessment.


ISBN : 9789813212428

Number of pages: 160


ISBN - 9789813212428
No. of Pages - 160 
Author - Dianna Lane 
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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