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Let's Advance in English Book 1


LET'S ADVANCE IN ENGLISH is a series of six Primary levels English Practice and Course books designed in accordance with the requirements of the latest syllabus to give students practice in using the English language with fluency and accuracy.

The aim of this series is to integrate the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in language learning and give the learners practice in using the language in meaningful contexts. They provide students with the essential use of basic traditional grammar in functional context. The six books cover all the essential grammatical items outlined in the latest syllabus. The grammatical items introduced in each unit come with panel notes which explain their correct usage in functional context. Throughout the books are activities and exercises that reflect the functional usage of the grammar topics.

The activities represent an integrated approach of the four skills within a blend of traditional and functional grammar. Traditional grammar provides the learners with terminology needed to talk about grammar, while functional grammar aims to improve the competent use of language in real-life situations. Throughout the course, students are involved in frequent social interaction through Pair Work or group activity, class discussion, role-play and practical written assignments. 


Book 1 consists of 10 units. Each unit presents a topic of interest to the students and introduces the grammatical item to be taught. The topic becomes the focus for teaching the language skills. Quiz exercises are included for revision practice.
• The topic is presented in a dialogue and a short passage or a poem. This is followed by activities on reading and practising the dialogue with a partner or in a group, questions for oral informal discussion and written comprehension.
• Situational writing and continuous writing are usually based on the topic.
• The Grammar section provides further practice of the structures taught and incorporated in the dialogue and comprehension passages.
• The Vocabulary section presents new vocabulary in context. The learning of the new vocabulary is reinforced in the vocabulary exercises.

• The Phonics section encourages accurate English pronunciation of the sounds taught.


About the Author
Mary Tay Mui Eng is a trained English Language and English Literature teacher. She has vast experience in teaching the English Language in primary and secondaryschools in Singapore. She has also taught English to foreign students from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Nepal and Germany at Magister Studies Centre, an English Language School registered with the Ministry of Education.

As a teacher-cum-writer, Mary M.E. Tay has written a series of three graded books, "Creative Phonics" approved by the Ministry of Education for use from 1986-1988. "Creative Phonics" has been promoted for use locally, in Southeast Asia and Africa since its first publication in 1986. On her appointment as a specialist writer at CDIS (Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore) she has written numerous stories for young readers, in a team English project. 

Mary M. E. Tay holds a Diploma in TEFL (University of London),
Master of Arts in ESFL (University of Wales), Master of Education (University of Leicester) and a Diploma of the Writing School in London.


ISBN : 9789814582759

Number of pages: 220

ISBN 9789814582759
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