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Marking compositions can be a hassle. 

Let us do it for you. 

What do we mark?

Marking scope 批改范

  • Content
    • Ideas are relevant and thoroughly developed
    • Ideas are linked and presented in a coherent manner
  • Language
    • Sentences are grammatically correct and coherent
    • Good and appropriate use of vocabulary
    • Correct use of punctuation
    • Words are written correctly
  • Comments
    • Highlight good writing features and areas to work on
    • Suggest ways to improve writing and make it more interesting
  • Grading
    • Content (max): 5 stars
    • Language (max): 5 stars
  • 内容
    • 内容完整、丰富
    • 内容的连贯性
  • 语文
    • 句子完整、通顺
    • 适当使用好词佳句
    • 正确使用标点符号
    • 错别字
  • 评语
    • 评点内容和语文的优缺点
    • 提供使作文写得更好的建议
  • 评分
    • 内容满分:5 stars
    • 语文满分:5 stars

How does it work?

Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase product Learn to Write Exciting Compositions 2 

  2. Purchase Marking Solution for Learn to Write Exciting Compositions 2

  3. Email completed composition to Acel Learning (

  4. Receive marked exercise(s) with comments within 7 working days via email. 

  5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 whenever your child completes any compositions.
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