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Math Whizz 6


Math Whizz is specially written to nurture learners’ keen interest in Math, beyond the usual school curriculum.

The books consist of worked examples and higher-order practice questions which stretch the learner’s mind to its fullest. Each topic opens with a comic strip that introduces important Math concepts in a light-hearted way. Dialogues within each topic guide students through thinking processes. Solutions provide step-by-step guides in problem-solving. The books are a useful and strategic tool for pupils to build a strong foundation for PSLE.


  • Questions involving real-life, inductive and critical reasoning for problem-solving
  • Step-by-step guides in problem solving
  • Alternative solutions to hone thinking processes
  • Important skills for PSLE non-routine problems
  • Systematic and efficient 2-dimensional tables to solve word problems
  • Rules to identify the correct net of solid figures


Writer:  Loh Cheng Yee, Teo Kai Meng

ISBN: 978 981 324 177 0

No. of pages: 162

ISBN 978 981 324 177 0
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