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More Than A Textbook - Classroom Mathematics Workbook 5A


This book is written to serve as a complement to its textbook - Classroom Mathematics series. The chapters in this workbook are written based on the latest primary mathematics syllabus issues by Ministry of Education.

This book consists of exercises to reinforce the mathematical concepts. Each exercise comprises questions from the corresponding chapters in the Classroom Mathematics series. The variety of questions in each exercise aims to stimulate the pupils' critical thinking skills. Answers to all questions and full worked solutions for more challenging questions that are marked with * are provided.

This book is highly recommended for pupils who want to develop mastery in Mathematics. It provides essential practice for the Mathematics concepts learnt. This will boost their confidence and competency in Mathematics. With this complementary Mathematics workbook, pupils will be better prepared to achieve excellent results in their examinations.

  • Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach in pedagogy
  • Heuristics corner explains skills used to solve problems systematically
  • Full colour textbooks
  • Links to workbooks


ISBN: 9789813120075



ISBN 9789813120075
No. of Pages 100
Author Abel Chong
No. of Issues -
Brand -
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