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Power Up Comprehension Skills Workbook 4


Power Up Comprehension Skills Workbook 4 presents different text types and mixed question types for a comprehensive practice on English comprehension.

Why is this book useful to students?

Table of Contents

The text type used for each worksheet is set out clearly here. A column to record the marks obtained for each worksheet is also included so students can track their progress.

Three levels of questions

Literal, inferential and applied questions are set in every worksheet to develop comprehension skills: reading and understanding the text, processing logically and analysing meaningfully the information presented.

Try This section This writing section enables students to practis students to practise sequential thinking and descriptive e sequential thinking and descriptive sequential thinking and descriptive writing as well as identify problems and solutions by tapping on their prior knowledge and information provided in the comprehension passages.

Comprehension strategies

Comprehension strategies are introduced and stated after each question, so students become familiar and learn to recognize the strategies needed for specific question types.

Tear-out format

The worksheets can be easily removed and presented as homework or classwork or worksheets can be easily removed and presented as homework or classwork or quizzes. The answer pages can be removed and filed away for future reference.


The answer key contains answers to the questions. There are also suggested answers for selected writing and applied questions.  Useful online resources Free useful online resources are available at onlineresources.sapgrp.com, providing teachers, students and parents with comprehensive information on the types of questions, comprehension strategies, text types as well as the objectives and optional activities for each worksheet. Notes are also provided for teachers, giving them handy tips on how to conduct the lessons.


ISBN : 9789814672849

Number of pages: 176

ISBN 9789814672849
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