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Siri Praktis Cemerlang Golongan Kata PSLE (New Edition)


Siri Praktis Cemerlang Golongan Kata PSLE Bahasa Melayu” merupakan salah satu buku bersiri yang terdiri daripada 5 buah buku latih tubi yang dirancangkan khas bagi calon PSLE. Diharapkan murid-murid dapat menggunakan buku ini sebagai latihan untuk memperlengkapkan persediaan sebelum menghadapi PSLE.
Buku Siri Praktis Cemerlang Golongan Kata PSLE Bahasa Melayu merupakan sebuah buku latih tubi yang memuatkan 50 latihan Golongan Kata yang:

• dapat membiasakan murid-murid dengan soalan-soalan Golongan Kata PSLE
• mengandungi kepelbagaian tema yang mencabar minda

Di samping itu, buku ini juga memuatkan Format Kertas 2 Bahasa Melayu PSLE dan Format Komponen Golongan Kata PSLE serta Nota Golongan Kata yang ringkas dan mudah difahami.


Siri Praktis Cemerlang Golongan Kata PSLE Bahasa Melayu” is one of the five books in the PSLE series that has been carefully planned and written especially for PSLE candidates. It is hoped that students are able to use this book to hone their Malay language skills and to better equip them in the preparation for PSLE.
The Siri Praktis Cemerlang Golongan Kata PSLE Bahasa Melayu is planned as an intensive practice workbook consisting of 50 Golongan Kata exercises that will:

• familiarise students with PSLE Golongan Kata questions
• challenge students with its exercises of diverse and interesting themes

Additionally, this book also incorporates the PSLE Format for Paper 2 of the Malay Language, the PSLE Golongan Kata Component Format as well as a set of brief Golongan Kata notes that is easy to use.


ISBN: 9789811122743

Number of Pages: 54


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ISBN ERIN 9789811122743
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