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Word Formation Bundle (Books 1-3)


Four books for the price of three!

Key Features of Word Formation (Books 1 to 3)

  • Form new words by adding endings and prefixes to a key word
  • Learn the parts of speech of related words – helps improve grammar
  • Learn to differentiate between confusing words e.g. ‘frightened’ and ‘frightening’  
  • Cartoons provide contextual examples and aid students in retaining the words with ease
  • 50 units in each book!

Suitable for P3 - P6 students

Click to see preview for each book:

  1. Word Formation 1
  2. Word Formation 2
  3. Word Formation 3

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  • What’s the difference between ‘a dash of juice’, ‘a drop of juice’ and ‘a trickle of juice’? 
  • 39 phrases covering small amount or numbers
  • Each unit begins with a short passage, illustrated by four cartoons, containing one or more examples of the phrase in context
  • Expand your vocabulary, providing you with more interesting synonyms for everyday words!


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